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At the beginning, we inform that the announced decals for aircraft Yak- /7/9, IL-2/10 and the Eurofighter Typhoon will be available in the coming days. Another with the patrons on the MiG-29 and Su-22 will be published to the end of November.

Meanwhile, we not idle. The appearance of Patron in Malbork, provoked us to celebrate Stanislaw Skalski on our way.
Introducing you the decal Stanisawa Skalski planes 1939-1945. Although most of these aircraft functions as a decal on models or on different sets, that's probably the first such development.


This project is already well advanced and we expect it to end the year on sale in scales 1/72 and 1/48. If this idea, you enjoy it, we would like this issue to continue in this form, we look forward to your opinions.

Another decals are a whole series on the F / A-18D in the service of the Marines. These sets proceed  our adventure with the modern military aviation of USA.

Thus, in order:

F/A-18D VMFA-121 Green Knights


F/A-18D VMFA-225 Vikings


F/A-18D VMFA-533 Hawks


This project is in principle ready to print and if conditions allow, should also be released in November.

Details of these decals You can see HERE

And the last preview today.

Hellenic Air Force F-4E Phantom II Anniversary paintings. 


One of these aircraft which has always greatly loved it. For a long time we meditated on the theme which  to develop it and in the end fell on Greece. This set is also almost ready for printing and we expect it to the end of this year on sale.

That's it for today, watch us, soon will announce sets for the beginning of 2016.

Best Regards

ModelMaker Team

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