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Today we add to stock:

..102 303 Squadron North Ameriacan Mustangs in1/72 & 1/48 scale and as mask + decal in 1/32



and D..101 Su-24MR 100 Years of Russian Air Force w skalach 1/72 i 1/48



You are more and more often asking us about the 1/32 scale sets, so we are trying to get more  sets in this scale. Today another mask + decal set MD32099 De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito F.B. Mk. VI in Polish service


In addition, we would like to announce two new decal sets for the Polish Su-22:

D..103 Su-22M4/UM-3k Polish stencils an excellent addition to our previous decals


and D..104 Su-22UM-3k Black Boar 2017 A complete set for the new "black boar" painting with all stencils


Both sets should be released at the end of March

This is not yet our last word in the issue of decals to su-22, we are finishing a set for new,gray camouflage, and late spring we hope that the re-released sets of D..063 will be in stock.

For the end a few words about delayed sets, which you often ask in your emails.

Firstly, the Greek F-16 ZEUS Demo Team 2014. We are aware that we are reaching the limits of your patience, but we must ask you for a little more. This is undoubtedly the most difficult set that we have ever had to design. Currently, the set has undergone a huge metamorphosis, we finished the development of the 1/48 scale and practically 1/32, unfortunately we have encountered problems at 1/72, and we are still working on this scale.

compare the project that we showed in June 2017:


with current:


We hope that we will be able to finish the work and print the decal so that the premiere will fall during the Moson Model Show 2018. Remember that we promised you a surprise associated with this set :)

Another delayed set is: D..096 German Eurofigher Typhoon TLG 31 Spirit of Oswald Boelcke. Here the reasons are very similar, the current state also, we are close to finishing work on matching individual elements to the models and we hope that in spring we will be able to spend this set.

Best Regards

ModelMaker Team

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