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Announcements for Summer, Autumn and Winter 2024 part 1 All



Today, a decent handful of notifications for months. These are not all the sets we work with, but those that are advanced enough for you to enjoy. During the summer, expect to know more because we still have some great sets up our sleeve ;)

Before we move on, here's some information about the decal.

We remin you that we have stopped regular sales in our e-shop. It is currently close an most of orers has already been shipped, the rest will be sent in two three days.

Next sale action will probably take place in the second half of July, as always for around seven days. Please note that in the contact tab you will find in our distributors and there you can find  our decals and masks.

We will start with the overdue announcements that we wrote about month ago. 

D48210 T-6A Texan II  Dedalus Demo Team 2021



This project was on the shelf for some time, but now we are back to it and you can already see the first draft of the decal. We still haven't decided whether to release it in 1/72 scale as well, we are waiting for your opinions on this matter. We plan to finish it and release it no later than autumn.

D..212 Czech Gripen NATO Tiger Meet 2023


This set in 1/72 and 1/48 scales was printed in the summer and, of course, it will be printed by Cartograf.

With it another Swiss Hornet

D..203 F/A-18 Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2016





Work on them is ongoing and we hope to show you the final results soon

In addition, we have a number of new sets in development, some of which we will present below, some of which are already finished and are just waiting to be shipped for printing or cutting on a plotter.

The first two are such sets

D..211 Greek rafale - generic set



This is a set that you have been asking for for some time, to our surprise, because such kits are already on the market, and it was a natural step after the development of the Croatian Rafale. It is already ready for printing and we hope that it will be published during the summer.

MD..207 F/A-18 Switzerland Panthers special scheme - masks set


This is a set that was initially supposed to be a decal, but since there are already several of them, we decided to offer an alternative in the form of masks in scales 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. This set will also appear in our offer soon, maybe even sooner than the Greek Rafale.

D..215 Dutch F-16 NTM 2015



This is one of several Dutch Tigers currently in development, this one is already finished and waiting for the others, we hope to show them off to you soon.

MD..225 USAF F-16C Viper Demo 2024 50 Years of F-16


As soon as we saw it, we decided we simply had to o it. The successor of the famous VENOM, based on the prototype painting, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the F-16, will also be available in three scales: 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. The work is well advanced and we do not rule out that it will be released before the end of the summer, stay tuned.

D..217 German Typhoon 15 Years of service "The Carbon Warior"


A beautiful painting of the German Typhoon, it still requires a lot of work and probably printing in Cartograf, we would like to release this set in the winter.

And for dessert, a very big icing on the cake. It has been known for a little over a week, but it has already caused quite a sensation. Beautiful in its simplicity painting of the new Solo Display from Denmark on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the F-16.

MD..230 F-16 Royal Danish Air Force, Solo Display 2024 Half Century Viper


We plan to release it in late autumn.

That's all for today, but it's not the end ;) We still have a few projects up our sleeve that we will publish over the summer.

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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