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Announcements of new products and important informations All


Today, some information about upcoming new products and reprints, as well as some changes with us.

First of all, we changed the server and unfortunately something went wrong and the contents of the mail were lost by us, so those who wrote to us recently and did not receive a reply or the matters were not completed, please contact us again .

The website doesn't work exactly the same yet, but everything will be back to normal soon :)

Few sets should be available for sale in the coming weeks

New D..199 Spanish F/A-18 NATO Tiger Meet 2022 in 1/72 and 148 scalesKalkomanie


and after redesign it comes back to sales




After the first edition of this set, we received reports that the decal did not fit the model. The "problem" was that the F/A-18 models available at that time differed greatly in their stabilizer shapes, so when we designed the elements for the Hobby Boss model, they did not fit the model, e.g. Kinetic, at all. Hence, the decision was made to redesign this set and develop it for the most popular models, Kinetic in 1/48 scale and Academy in 1/72 scale.

In addition, we have decided to release some of our sets in 1/32 scale.

We are starting from

D32174 Belgian f-16 insignias & stencils-generic set


As you know, this is a gateway to subsequent sets, which usually contain this decal. We are planning more sets, we are curious about your opinion which of the decals from our offer would you like to see in 1/32 scale

We are also preparing more masks

MD32132 Early PR Spitfires


These sets will be released soon, now let's talk about what's next.

We want to devote the coming months to finishing and releasing the already announced sets you are asking about.

D48210 T-6A Texan II  Dedalus Demo Team 2021



This project was on the shelf for some time, but now we are back to it and you can already see the first draft of the decal. We still haven't decided whether to release it in 1/72 scale as well, we are waiting for your opinions on this matter. We plan to finish it and release it no later than autumn.

D..212 Czech Gripen NATO Tiger Meet 2023


This set in 1/72 and 1/48 scales was printed in the summer and, of course, it will be printed by Cartograf.

With it another Swiss Hornet

D..203 F/A-18 Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2016


An for the end



We won't lie, there was no inspiration to finish working on it, but we promise to improve it and hope that it will be finished soon.

There is one more delayed product

CS..001 MiG-21 in Polish service exclusive edition COMBO SET


We are in the final stages of preparing the instructions for this set, don't ask how many pages it has... today we don't want to give all the details yet, but it will definitely be available only from us, it will definitely be a limited edition and we hope that the premiere will be successful what to do on this year's Babaryba Warsaw Moel Show, if we get there, because unfortunately it is not certain yet.

Nevertheless, work on the next sets is slowly underway and you will see the first announcements in June, so keep an eye on us.

That's it for today.

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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