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We are opening the store on April 25 under new rules! All



After we closed our online store, we received a lot of messages asking us not to do it.

We have already explained the reasons for this decision HERE. Unfortunately, time is short and we need to focus on our most important task, i.e. designing more wonderful sets of decals and masks for you, and perhaps we will soon introduce new products to our offer.

Nevertheless, we understand some of the arguments you present to us and we have decided to find a compromise.

We will open the store for a few, usually six-seven, days on the occasion of the premiere of new products. Then everyone will be able to purchase the newest and older sets directly from us. We will ship within approximately one week after the sale closes. In this way, we hope that we will meet your expectations and at the same time we will be able to conduct retail sales at the most convenient time for us.

We want to carry out the first such action now. Originally, we were supposed to open the store on Saturday, April 27, but due to a special event that will take place tomorrow, we are changing this date to April 25 at 12.00. We will close the store at 1 May.

It so happens that one of the news that comes out about sales is

D..206 Croatian Rafale - Generic set



the first five of which will land in Croatia on April 25. You admit that there couldn't be a better opportunity :)

What's more, a set that we didn't have time to prepare for Mosonshow will be available for sale - a version with masks!

MD..206 Croatian Rafale - Generic set + masks


Of course, you will also be able to purchase other news that we premiered at Mosonshow 2024

D..216 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon NATO Tiger Meet 2023



The tiger meringue set, of course, included a set of operational inscriptions, which are available as a separate set.

D..213 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon generic set


The next premiere is the Swiss F/A-18, Tigers

D..204 F/A-18C Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2023



And a traditionally generic set of operational inscriptions and markings. A little surprise here, the generic set will also appear in 1/32 scale!

D..201 F/A-18C/D Switzerland Air Force, generic set


The latest novelty is another set of masks for Polish F-16s. You asked us about this painting, so here it is :)

We hope that the D..187 set will appear as a decal in 1/48 and 1/72 scales later this year

MD32187 Polish F-16D NTM 2013 "Red livery"


That's all for today, we'll remind you about it tomorrow ;)

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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