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Our yesterday's newsletter has already brought your first reactions. We understand the bitterness of some people, and in a way we are flattered. We promise that in May we will try to find a formula that will allow our most loyal customers to purchase directly from us. At the moment, we are not able to provide these services, we have to focus on production and development of the company and on private matters that we do not want to write about publicly. Maintaining the store would not be fair to you, because recently we have had more and more problems finding time to process individual orders and ship them at least once a week. This brings, among other things, unnecessary misunderstandings on the part of new customers who do not understand our specificity in this matter.

Also for the moment the store remains closed, we limit the newsletters to one, sometimes two a month, but we will try to publish more on our FB. We will try to publish a list of our distributors at the end of the week.

Today, however, we would like to confirm that we will be at this year's Moson Model Show on April 20-21, where you will be able to purchase for the first time a number of new products that we will introduce.

First of all, the most awaited one

D..216 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon NATO Tiger Meet 2023



 In scales 1/72 and 1/48. This set would not have been created without the involvement of Christoph Wolfsberger from   Wolf 3D Resin Parts, who helped us tremendously. Thanks to it, the set was created based on the original files used to print the foil for the plane. Thanks to the designer, Chris Erhart and the company Hamm  who carried out the vinyl on the plane. It was one of the most demanding and difficult projects in our career so far, the files are being printed in Cartograf and the only thing that matters now is whether they will reach us on time. Keep fingers crossed.

The tiger meringue set, of course, included a set of stencils, which will also be available as a separate set.

D..213 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon generic set


Next one is Swiss Tiger
D..204 F/A-18C Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2023



And a traditionally generic set of stencils and markings. A little surprise here, the generic set will also appear in 1/32 scale!

In the coming months, we intend to expand our 1/32 scale offer with several new sets of decals and masks, for Swiss F/A-18s and other aircraft.

D..201 F/A-18C/D Switzerland Air Force, generic set


The last decal is a Croatian Rafale, which we literally peeled off from the printing house on the way to Moson. We managed to finish the job at the last minute :)

D72206 Croatian Rafale - Generic set



The last novelty in Moson will be another set of masks for Polish F-16s. You asked us about this painting, so here it is :)

We hope that the D..187 set will appear as a decal in 1/48 and 1/72 scales later this year

MD32187 Polish F-16D NTM 2013 "Red livery"


Also a total of six new items especially for Moson. All these sets will start appearing in stores at the turn of April and May.

That's it for today. Another newsletter, probably after the May weekend.

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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