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We've been gone for a long time. We sincerely apologize, but we have some private issues that are consuming quite a lot of time, and as the situation continues, we need to make some strategic decisions. At the moment, we have suspended sales in our online store, we are no longer able to do it because it takes quite a lot of time, we invite you to numerous modeling stores where you can buy our decals and masks, and if they are not there yet, you should tell the seller to contact us ;)

We will soon publish a list of stores that cooperate with us on our website.

All stores that have previously used our website to place orders should place them via e-mail.

We do not know yet whether and in what form we will resume sales, we know that we have loyal customers, but there are also countries where our decals and masks are unavailable and individual orders also came from there.

So much for the announcements, and now for some new products and reissues that we have released in recent weeks.

First of all, the last two parts of Polish MiG-21s went on sale

D..153 MiG-21 in Polish service exclusive edition part IV


for air base Poznań-Krzesiny

D..154 MiG-21 in Polish service exclusive edition part V


for air bases Łask , Wrocław  and Katowice-Mierzęcice

We are preparing instructions for the COMBO SET, which was intended to be a limited edition available only in our store, but since the store is closed, we are looking for a solution to this "problem". However, due to the large amount of work, it will not be earlier than after the Moson Model Show .

We have also reissued two sets in 1/72 scale

D72013 MiG-23MF in Polish service


D72039 TS-11 Iskra vol.3 NAVY Regiments


We also add to ofer two new masks sets in 1/32 scale

MD32031 Polish F-16 C/D NATO Tiger Meet 2014



MD32195 German F-104 WTD 61 98/04 Last Flight


That's all for today, as we have already written, traditionally we are going to the Moson Model Show, where, with a bit of luck, we will present as many as six new sets, but more about it in the next newsletter, which we will publish tomorrow.

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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