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Polish Hurricanes :) All



We promised another announcement before Christmas, related to Polish aviation.

Today, a bow to those who demand more Polish Air Force in the West. Two sets dedicated to Hacker Hurricane

D..219 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in Polish service




D..220 Hawker Hurricane Mk.II/IV in Polish service



Quite a difficult topic, because we wanted to ignore what has already been published in other decals or model kits, as well as the planes of famous Polish pilots, because, as you know, after Skalski, Zumbach and Gładych, new sets are slowly being created :) Nevertheless, we hope that it will be this is an attractive set for you. We plan to release it in late spring or already in summer, so if you have any comments or think that some machines could be changed or added, we are, as always, open to your suggestions.

That's it for today. Next week we want to publish a newsletter summarizing this year, and a week later another one opening 2024.

In the meantime, we wish you peaceful and Happy Christmas :)

ModelMaker Team

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