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We promised another announcement this weekend, this time we have three announcements, but related to one topic: Swiss Hornets

We are currently drawing a basic set that allows any machine in a typical camouflage:

D..201 F/A-18C/D Switzerland Air Force, generic set



and two specials

D..203 F/A-18 Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2016



D..204 F/A-18C Switzerland Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet 2023


We hope that we will be able to release them before Moson 2024, where perhaps they will premiere next to the recently announced Austrian Eurofighter. At the same time, we can say that this is not our last word on the subject of Swiss Hornets ;)

There are two more announcements for next year in our pre-Christmas plans, we hope we'll make it in time. After the holidays, we want to publish a kind of summary of the ending year and an announcement for the next one, at the same time we are preparing a slightly larger newsletter ;)

Polish MIG-21 are finishing development and going to print within two weeks, which will, however, result in a slight postponement of the premiere, probably all five sets will have it in January

That's it for today

Best regards

ModelMaker Team

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