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There was supposed to be another reissue, but there will be an absolutely hot announcement. There is no denying that this topic has been on our minds for some time. It is also one of those projects that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to complete without the help of the original designer

In this moment our friend Christoph Wolfsberger, the creator of Wolf 3D Resin Parts, came to great help here, who became the coordinator and co-creator of this project. Thanks to him, we managed to gain the favor of the designer of this painting, Mr. Chris Erhart, and the company that wrapped the plane  HAMM Werbung

This way we have all the materials necessary to design the decal

D..216 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon NATO Tiger Meet 2023


The set will, of course, include all stencils, which will also be available separately, in our typical form

D..213 Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon generic set


Now we are going to design this decal, which will take some time, because there are a lot of elements, including the wing tanks, which will have to be sorted out somehow, because it would be a shame not to add them.

That's it for today. We hope you like it, because the bait we cast on our FB fanpage was very popular :)

Reprints on Saturday ;)

That's all for today

Best Regards

ModelMaker Team

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