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In this place we will soon start ansver for most popular questions about our products and company

Best Regards ModelMaekr Team 

1: Can I buy only decal from D...120 F-16 ZEUS DEMO TEAM set?

-No, we are selling only complete sets

2: Do You ship to USA?

-We must suspend shipping too USA because of problems with a long time of delivery,  a lot of problems with USPS and PayPal. Unfortunately int this year we had few situations when  order was delivered after few months,  money given to the customer and PayPal wont back it to us. We try to find some other shipping company where the cost of shipping would be reasonable to the price of our decals, unfortunately without success.

UPDATE 16.06.2021: We decide to add especially for US costumers Priority parcel from Polish Post. It's still not perfect for us but it's the cheapest way of shipping which we can offer with full tracking. 

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