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SD72507 MiG-21bis 0880

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Some important information.

Printing is carried out using a professional printing machine of very good quality, with white color. Printing is carried out on a good quality decal color paper. Decals are cut independently on the perimeter of the sheet.

Decals are not available "off-hand" for printing is expected from two to four weeks after payment of the order. In exceptional cases, the time may take a little longer, we have no influence on the printing time.

In the case of a large number of orders for a specific set, we will consider its serial print, which will significantly reduce the price, which we will inform all customers. Of course, the difference in price will be refunded.

We do not make decals for individual orders, only those products are available, which can be found in the "PRINT ON REQUEST" section. Nevertheless, we are susceptible to suggestions;)

The offer is directed to individual clients.

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